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#Dicember days 1-8: d6 tables

Dicember hath decended upon us. To bring some light into this darkest of months let us pretend we did something RPG related every single day and totally didn't just do these en mass. 

#Dicember 2021 Calendar

Here's the first 8 days as d6 tables:

1. D6 Pieces of weird Ammo

Medieval trebuchet stock image | Look and Learn

  1. Dragon arrow: While in flight yell the command word to make this arrow take on the shape, mass and firebreathing ability of a full grown dragon. Maintains the same trajectory as the original arrow and disappears in a puff of magic smoke once it has come to a full stop.

  2. Stinking Pebble: Takes on a horrible, strong odour based on the last liquid it touched. The scent is specific to whomever smells it and is unbearable. Beste carried in a sealed off container, or after purified with pure alcohol (starts stinking again after contact with other liquids).

  3. Melting Boulder: Boulder used in siege warfare. Melts at high velocity (like being thrown by a catapult) into a liquid solidifying only after it has calmed down (takes as long as the average person would need after being catapulted). In liquid form it liquifies everything it touches.

  4. Whispering Bolt: Repeats the last thing it hears in a hushed tone. Found to be near useless for sending messages by bow, as the bolts tend to just repeat the noise of impact. Desired by assassins, who use them to collect the dying screams of victims as proof of fulfilling contracts.

  5. Generative Grenade: A volitile bio-weapon that upon explosion creates rapid, volitile growth in any living tissue present in the blast. Experiments with small, controlled applications of the explosive as a way to heal wounds have had success rates that vary depending on whom you ask.

  6. Star Bullet: Small bullets, like those used in slings, made from dead stars. It shines softly in the dark with the intensity of a star in the sky. When shot with a sling or slingshot starts to burn more and more brightly as it slowly disintegrates. Creates massive crater on impact. 

2. D6 Ice based Encounters

polar exploration - Students | Britannica Kids | Homework Help

  1. False Ice Ambush: Also called Hard Ooze, these mindless acidic creatures lay in wait in between the ice, laying in wait for prey. Anything that touches them stick to them and is slowely being digested as the False Ice tries to get into contact with more of your body.

  2. Seasonal Frost Fires: During the dry cold seasons the frost becomes so dry there is an increased chance of Frost Fire. Frost Fire burns the dry powder snow quickly, encircling the careless in a matter of minutes, the burning cold slaying even the hardiest creatures.

  3. The Cold out Hunting: Those who succumed to hypothermia and haven't enjoyed proper last rites join the Cold: heat hungry undead that cling to any warmblooded creater they come across, absorbing the heat of their victims in a useless endeavor to stop their enless shivering.

  4. Lonely Wandering Blizzard: Bored out of its mind and looking for anything other than snow and ice, this blizzard will latch onto any interesting creatures that cross its path. It means no harm, but it tends to kill the creatures it likes the best, which saddens it greatly.

  5. Scavenging Ice Burrowers: These hot little imps burrow through the ice by melting it. They look for those that died in the cold to steal anything on their person that seems either useful or valuable. At times they might cause an 'accident' to give themselves a corpse to scavenge.

  6. The Snowman Exchange: By all accounts it looks like a regular snowman, and you can find it in many places on the snowy plains. It always looks the same and anything you store inside it at one place can be retrieved from any from it once you encounter it again in a different location.

3. D6 Child NPCs

History for Fantasy Writers: Medieval Childhood

  1. Robin, Child Prophet: Experiences their life completely impersonally and all at once. Can tell you anything that might happen during their life: current, past and future. They are completely apathetic towards anything and everything and never tell you anything unless you ask.

  2. Yara, Urchin Princess: She practically runs all local underground operations through her network of urchins. Armed with sensitive information on all local residents, the lack of muscle in her operation has never been an issue.

  3. Olivier, Noble Runaway: Desperately looking for anyone willing to take him on an adventure like in those in the stories his servants read to him at night. Has the kind of bravery only found in total idiots and spoiled children. It seems he might be both.

  4. Dirk, Lost Boy: Looking for a way back home, but has no idea how he actually got where he is now. The rags he is clothed in seem to be made from materials alien to these lands and descriptions he gives of his home are utterly fantastical.

  5. Esmeé, Cursed Wizard: Becomes younger due to a failed experiment to halt her age. Frantically looking for a way to revert the curse before she becomes an infant. Still immensely powerful, but she finds it ever more difficult to focus on her quest rather than spending her time playing.

  6. Tinc, Feral One: Just showed up one day. Layers of grime and dirt make it impossible to say with any certainty if it is even actually human. Lacks any understanding of local customs or human language, but is no less clever than any child raised by humans.

4. D6 Paths of Rage 

Odin: Shaman-King

  1. Silent Rage: Those who master the silent rage pass a threshold beyond regular rage. Not in an attempt to mask it, quite the opposite. Their cold, enraged stare shows an anger that is older, wiser than youthful outbursts, stunning anything it rests upon.

  2. Anti-Rage: There is a kind of inappropriate joy that is far more terrifying than anger. Most often found in those shocked beyond their breaking point, there are a few who learn to purposefully enter such a state of mind. While in this state none can bear to look at you.

  3. Ravenous Rage: Sometimes rage is born from a hunger. Masters of the ravenous rage starve themselves of whatever it is they hunger most for, building up their furstration until they flip the switch. When enraged they can consume anything, their teeth like stone, their guts like steel.

  4. Unconscious Rage: Not all rage can be mastered. Sometimes the greater challenge is to learn to supress it. Those infected with such a rage learn to do without sleep. Whene they fall unconscious they turn into a near invincible and uncontrolable monster, as the pent up rage unleashes.

  5. Sustained Rage: Bursting rage is for those who lack discipline. True mastery of rage is everboiling, sustained througout the day. It takes a while to get this kind of rage going, but once it does you can keep it up as long as you maintain your focus, granting you top physical ability. 

  6. Undying Rage: The most martial of all rages, allowing you to keep on going even after your body would normally fall in battle. Limited only by the fact that the rage requires you to keep on fighting as long as anything around you still breathes, even if those left alive are your allies.

5. D6 Blade Techniques

Classes | Rocket City HEMA

  1. Tide Breaker: Those who take initiative force a response, keep the initiative and all your opponent can do is defend. Not so for a master of the blade. You know how to defend against attacks while simultaneously attacking your opponent, taking the initiative back in the process.

  2. Lying Porter: Against opponents of equal strength and speed, openings are hard to find. The best way to create one is to pretend to go elsewhere. You know how to convincingly fake an attack in one direction, ensuring your follow-up attack hits with maximum effect.

  3. Blind Dancer: It is common knowledge that the eyes are faster than the ears. However, many forget that touch is even faster. You've learned to seek the bind so you can feel out your opponent and react to what they aim to do before they can pull it off.

  4. Perched Hawk: There is power in waiting if one does so with a purpose. But as is often the case, this power comes with a risk. You can choose to wait with your attack until just before an opponent attacks you. This guarantees a devastating hit, but also leaves you wide open.

  5. Brazen Thief: Many assume thievery to be done through covert means. Which is good, because that means they don't expect you to steal from them in full view. When your attacks get your right up in your opponents face, you know exactly how to twist their blade to take it from them.

  6. Biting Wind: Not all attacks need to hit vital points. Shallow strikes from a safe distance can weither away even the most formidable foe, like the wind slowely grinding stone. When your opponent keeps advancing you know how to stay out of reach while whitteling away at your foe.

6. D6 Shameful Acts

On the commemoration of the dead, and poppy season – Going Medieval

  1. Disturbing the Burried: All who disturb those burried cause the dead to stir with false mimicry of life as the Earth seeks to punish those who dare to steal its tribute. The touch of the dead risen thusly leaves a black mark of shame and are shunned by most.

  2. Oath Breaking: Oaths are promises of power. Those who uphold them are capable of incredible feats, but mind what you swear upon: Breaking an oath means breaking your stake on top of the familiar whitening of the tongue (universally accepted as the sign of the untrustworthy).

  3. Desecrating Temples: It is said that it takes a 100 years to gain the favour of a God where it only takes a second to anger them. This explains why so many abandoned temples are still filled with riches. It also explains why so few who aim to steal such riches survive the attempt.

  4. Denying Last Rites: In return for its fruits we promised the Earth we'd return our bodies to it after we're done. This is a collective promise that no individual should dare to break. Dead left unburried become foul spawn seeking to destroy all they blames for denying them their final rest.

  5. Unjust Murder: There is nothing moral about killing itself, but not all killing is right. Those who kill without need commit an attrocity so base it changes them at their core, every death a step further away from what they were until only one suitable name remains: Monster.

  6. Stealing Food: No theft is more base than the theft of their next meal. Better to kill a person for their food than to steal it. In both cases they die, but only the latter is needlessly cruel. The punishment for stealing food is starvation: To experience the pain you have caused others.

7. D6 Deals with Daemons

File:Deumus.png - Wikimedia Commons

  1. Pact of Dark Fire:
    The Creditor: Lady Jaezobel, the Sulpher-Cloaked Countess, Brimstone Cur, Cackling Arsonist.
    The Service: She will ignite something of your choosing with abysal black flames.
    The Cost: Something precious to you. The more you care for the offering, the hotter her flames.

  2. Pact of Infernal Bind: 
    The Creditor: Sir Soedomn, the Manackled Minister, Mute Strategist, Sadistic Puppeteer.
    The Service:: He will ensnare any creature you desire for as long as you have.
    The Cost: Control over your body for an equal amount of time. Conscious or not, as he sees fit.

  3. Pact of the Deep Cold:
    The Creditor: Fair Magdalein, the Bare Baroness, Blue Opiate, Impassive Flesh-Collector.
    The Service: She will freeze something of your choosing in hellish cold.
    The Cost: Feelings towards something. The less you feel, the more you'll fall under her control.

  4. Pact of Fool's Gold:
    The Creditor: Mister Haagar, the Pompous President, Flaunting Tempter, Torment Banker.
    The Service: He will grant you any amount of gold you desire.
    The Cost: Anything you buy with infernal gold will bring ruin and despair to you in some way. 

  5. Pact of Knowledge Forgotten:
    The Creditor: Mother Buäer, the Austere Apostle, All-knowing Miser, Effacing Oracle.
    The Service: She will tell you anything you want to know.
    The Cost: Something you learned in the past. Your enemies learn of your newfound weakness.

  6. Pact of False Truths:
    The Creditor: Lord Shaz, the Venemous Viscount, Envious Deceiver, Double-dealing Fabulist.
    The Service: He will make a lie of yours appear to be true.
    The Cost: A lie of his choosing will appear to be true as well. He doesn't disclose his slander.

8. D6 Disappointing Presents 

  1. Lumbering Axe: An axe that is increadibly slow and sluggish to wield.

  2. Stunning Bell: A bell that stuns whomever strikes it for as long as it rings.

  3. Liar's Spectacles: A pair of glasses that show the world as you'd like it to be.

  4. Prescient Idol: An idol that can see the future, but has no way to communicate this knowledge.

  5. Rapunzel Comb: A comb that increases the length of any hair you comb with it.

  6. Sobering Mug: A beermug that takes out the alcohol of alcoholic beverages.

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